About Beard Insurance Agency / Commercial Risk Manager

What we do

We're an independently owned and operated agency in Billings, Montana and we deliver insurance and risk management solutions. We've served individuals and businesses for 30 years and we love to help people. We provide the best possible products and services, and this is how we help most. We make the experiences of buying and using insurance easy and beneficial, and this also helps. Insurance equates with assurance as far as we're concerned, and we assure clients. It's part of how we're the best insurers we can be.

Our approach and community involvement

Our approach and community involvement

We protect assets and future earnings and we provide support. We can speak about different insurance products and we ensure that clients understand their insurance well as a result. This is just one way that we make buying insurance easy. We also identify the right coverages and we create solutions that fit clients best. Once they're in place we monitor these solutions regularly. We actively manage risk and this helps clients avoid having to use their insurance. If clients do use their insurance and claims are filed, we manage the claims. These services make using insurance easy and they make being our client beneficial.

The hands-on approach that we take to delivering insurance is similar to the approach we take to involving ourselves in the communities we serve. Members of our staff volunteer with Habitat for Humanity and they volunteer at a Sunday school. We support a local YMCA and local 5th and 6th grade football teams. We also support a local park clean up initiative. These efforts help us learn more about the people and the organizations that we serve and it makes us better insurers.

We would love to tell you more about our agency so please contact us or give us a call. You can request a quote if you're ready to start on a policy.

Additional insurance information:

We are proud to provide insurance and risk management solutions in Billings, Huntley, Laurel, Shepherd, Worden, and Hardin, MT. We also serve other areas in the state and we serve Wyoming.